How to apply cell formula to new rows added by form.

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I have a cell formula to apply to the row 1.. I need new form entries added to top row to automatically apply. The form entries are the amount of dollars or change turned in to get total amounts by count. I can not make it a column formula. please advise. I tried using Absolute ($) but it changes row # with every new entry.



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    The new row will be auto-filled with the formulas if there are two rows below/above with the same formulas and the same level of hierarchy.

    More details:
    If the formula structure is the same above/below the Formula Autofill will add the formula(s) automatically.
    Conditions That Trigger Formula Autofill
    You’ll see formulas populate automatically when you type in a newly inserted or blank row that is:

    • Directly between two others that contain the same formula in adjacent cells.
    • At the topmost of the sheet if it’s above two rows that have the same formula in adjacent cells. (This includes rows inserted from a form.)
    • At the bottommost of the sheet if it’s below two rows that have the same formula in adjacent cells. (This includes rows inserted from a form.)
    • Above or below a single row that is between blank rows and has formulas.

    More info:

    Would that work/help?

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    I understand what you are saying and this may work with a tweak. Since the forms produces a # (1,2,3) that the formula uses to find the value (i.e. forms gives 3 for # of $10 bills to = $30.00). I asked AI for fix and it suggested using 2 sheets One with the form values and the other with the formula. So I did this and it worked to this point. However when I add a new form submission the formula does not stay with the top row. I will try your 2 row formula suggested above to see if it holds the value.

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