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Just a quick question before I do something that could have a bit of an HR impact in our business.

I want to create a document that lists team members and issues. It will be created in a workspace that only the managers have access to. The team members selected in the column where we use the Contact List option will not be shared to the workspace.

I just want to confirm that they wont get any notification of this sheet?


  • Kerry St. Thomas
    Kerry St. Thomas ✭✭✭✭✭

    I've noticed that when you add a Contact column to a new sheet, a notification automation is created. I can't say definitively if this is ACTIVE or not though. It's quite possible that's the case for what you're building - the easiest way to make sure no notifications occur is to look on Automation> Manage workflows… and make sure there's nothing active that would send notifications you don't want sent. (And if there IS an automation, it can be easily deleted.)

    Here's some good info about the Notifications, that might be helpful.

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  • Tony Platts

    As you add the first person from the contact list setting, it asks you if you want to set up an automation. I selected no.

    I guess what I'm asking is:

    Does adding someone via the Contact List, automatically give them access to the row on which they were added? Or do you still need to share the workspace with them?