Projected Labor Needs & Labor Schedule


I have multiple tasks with various durations. At some point, most task's duration overlaps with another. I need to project out on any given day what my total labor needs would be for that day.

I have two sheets:

Sheet #1 - Labor Schedule

Sheet #2 - Projected Labor Needs

In the snip-it below (Top Part Clouded) I have manually inputted the numbers to show what they should be for each day due to the overlap in tasks.

Below that I have copied out the dates again and shown the formula I am using.

I am using this formula:

=SUMIFS({Labor Schedule Range 1}, {Labor Schedule Range 2,">=" + SWD@row, {Labor Schedule Range 3},"<=" + EWD@row))

I am getting an unparseable.

I would appreciate any help or service that could remedy this.

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