Sheet workflow trigger ignored when adding records from Data Shuttle


This has been hit/miss… but I have 3 simple move workflows on a worksheet that receives 'replace' records from a Data Shuttle Excel upload. Approx 3800 total records. The records are coming into the Smartsheet fine, but there are 3 triggers based on new/changed rows that are no longer reacting automatically when the Shuttle is run.
They will run if after the Shuttle completes I open the worksheet and change/save a row… but this is not practical. And I wonder why they ran sometimes over the last week. Very frustrating@!!


  • Julie Fortney
    Julie Fortney Overachievers

    Could you provide a screenshot of some sample rows that should have moved but didn't (with sensitive data hidden)?

  • M Johnston

    Hi and update to all - after great help from Michael and Brandon of Smartsheet, we were able to determine that the worksheet receiving the upload had some type of corruptive issue. So, based on Michael's suggestion we made a save-as-new copy of that sheet and were then able to directly update using Data Shuttle - which then kicked off the triggers and ultimate data moves.