I'm trying to create a link on the Actual End Date column and this is the error I'm seeing:

so the goal is that if my colleagues update their actual end date on their project sheet, it will auto update to the Masterfile; but because I have a "Days" column to track how long (Actual Start Date vs Actual End Date), it's not allowing me to link that column from Master sheet to hers. Any work around?


  • Spoonhead

    Have you thought about using a 'helper' column?. You could create a Helper Column in your colleagues' project sheets where they manually enter the Actual End Date, use a formula to grab this date and link this Helper Column to your Master Sheet. Since this column isn't determined by dependencies, you should be able to link it without issues.

    In your Master Sheet, create a formula in a new column to calculate the difference between the Actual Start Date and the Helper Column's date.