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I'm looking for a definitive answer as to where our team should be creating a master list of contacts that we share collectively. Currently, we have an Excel sheet that we update and then import into our individual 'My Contacts. ' However, even then, I can have the user in My contacts and then have to add them again into a sheet.

Also, it doesn't appear that even by sharing the sheet with a user, they are added to the drop-down contact list.

Additionally, we noticed that there are selectable lists available (see Capture) How do you edit/ create new lists; who is the admin of these lists?

Our end goal here is to not have to continually add existing users to different sheets, as they will 'All' be selectable from the contact dropdown list.(which we all have access to.




  • Colleen Patterson
    Colleen Patterson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Most of these concerns would be assisted with the creation of Groups. Groups are accessed in the lower left, selecting your head icon, and then going to the Group Management. You can create groups, manage existing, and set bulk permissions to groups which should ease some of this administrative burden. Your Smartsheet account admins have access to groups, but they can also provide Access or Ownership of groups beyond themselves.

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