Why doesn't automation work when I use "Send from organization" option?


I have set up a workflow to Alert Someone when triggered. When I change the sender option to "Send from organization" I see my organization name. However, when I test it, I no longer receive a message (workflow doesn't run). If I change it back to "Send from Smartsheet automation" and test it again, it works just fine. The only change I am making is the send from option. Any ideas on why this isn't working?


  • Vince Darrigo
    Vince Darrigo ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @SybilM

    Do you have an Enterprise level license/plan? I believe that Send From Organization setting is only for Enterprise and up (whatever up might be from that). Although that would be frustrating if they show the option when you cannot have it, and make you wonder what is going wrong!

  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @SybilM

    Vince is correct that this option is only available on Enterprise plans, however it won't show as an option unless that option is available to you.

    Selecting the display option for the automation will not impact the action at all - both actions come from the same trigger, which is what defines if an action occurs or not.

    When you note that the tests aren't showing up, do you mean that the email is not being received? If so, can you check your spam folder, or if you're using a third party to filter your inbox (such as Mimecast) check that as well. One of the way to see if it's an automation issue or an email issue is to see if the alert shows in the Bell Icon in Smartsheet or not, and if the workflow itself has a date stating that it ran when you wanted it to.

    Let us know if this helped!


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