GPS equipment tracking with Smartsheet


We currently have a 3rd party software that tracks our large equipment via a GPS hardware module and their proprietary software. I am wondering if there would be a way to utilize an open source GPS module and have all the data flow into a sheet in Smartsheet. Ideally I would like to transmit the location (lat and long) of the GPS every hour or so. Would also like to have it track the hours (similar to mileage on a car) daily so that I can trigger work orders when a threshold is reached. Geozones would also be nice to have and trigger enter/exit information. Just starting on my research for this project and wanted to see if someone had looked into this and wouldn't mind sharing knowledge or better yet someone that has a similar solution we could compare note. As always I greatly appreciate any and all feedback as we try to capture another project into Smartsheet.



  • Tim C
    Tim C ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes actually! So my solution engineering team put on a webinar for clinical trials but a piece of it was open source GPS tracking. My teammate Brad got an Arduino unit to GPS track our fictitious drug and pull the info into a Smartsheet dashboard. It also recorded temperature, light etc. And plotted the course on a 3rd party integration we have with Mapsly. Here is the demo of Brad showing how it works- he built this himself, but there are commercial units available from companies like Tive and Verizon- we purely did this as a proof of concept. Not shown in the video- you can create geo fences, change the polling frequency etc.