Copying a row when the row contains certain values but is not a set value.


I have a column that is called Task Name but there are all sorts of titles. I am looking to copy a row to another sheet if it contains, for example, N01-20 or N19-20. Because they are project titles, the Nxx-xx can be any combinations of numbers, but it will start with an N and be followed by the "two digit number-two digit number" combo. Obviously I can't just say it contains "N" because that could almost be every entry. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!



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    Hello @Sarah Y.,

    You can do this but it will be a pretty tricky formula. Do you need to check for exactly N##-## or would some subset of this be unique still (for example, the dash, or the numbers).

    Additionally, is the N##-## always in the same relative part of the Task Name (like the very beginning, or the very end, or can it be anywhere).

    If it's always at the beginning you could add a new column with a LEFT() formula and pull out the first 6 characters and then evaluate them further for being N##-##. OR, if it's sufficient to see that the 2nd and 3rd characters are numbers you could use MID() to pull these out, VALUE() to make them stay as numbers (if they are), and then ISNUMBER() to see if they are a number.

    So there are different strategies that you can employ based on the predictably and uniqueness of this N##-## situation. In any case, the goal would be to get a column that perhaps checks itself with a formula and use this as a filter in a copy row automation.

    If you can provide some more info I can possibly help with a solution. If you can add a Screenshot of your Sheet that will help as well.

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