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Vacation Mode


I would like to re-direct automations and notifications and possibly even Ownership of tasks to an appointed secondary person in the event that the owner is on vacation or otherwise unavailable. It would be a simple toggle on/off with a pre-determined secondary who everything would be switched to. Or it could be another column type where for each task a person is assigned to they can assign who their backup would be in the event they are out of town. I realize this is partially resolved through having a secondary assignee (secondary owner) column, but it does not resolve automations and their respective notifications. I do not want to send notifications to 3 different people because there's no way of knowing who is available to respond, I would like that switch to happen after the "vacation mode" has been turned on. If I am the proper person to be receiving a certain approval workflow but then I am not in the office to respond, what happens?

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