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Edit Column Properties

Peter Smith
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts


I have a spreadsheet to record building name, building manager and support staff assigned. Each row represent one building. 

After I import excel to smartsheet, I try to change the column properties of building manager from text/number to contact list. However, on the screen, it requires me to enter name or email address (under Value-option). 

Initially, I think smartsheet will connect with my outlook. Therefore, I do not need to type one by one. 

However, I find out it does not work. I need to type email address of building manager one by one. May I ask is there any way can transfer outlook contact to Smartsheet contact....  


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Peter,

    You can bulk import contacts into Smartsheet that have been exported from Outlook as a .csv file (for more info, see: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/796143-managing-contacts#bulkimport), but there isn't a way to have them all auto-fill in a contact column of a sheet.

    Once they've been imported to your Smartsheet Contacts, contacts will be auto-suggested as you start typing in the cells of the Contact column.

  • Peter Smith

    Hi, Shaine: 

    May I ask one more question?  You mentions that "contacts will be auto-suggested as you start typing in the cells of the Contact column.". 


    For my case, I have spreadsheet which has 600 rows building info . Each building was assigned one building manager. As I import to Smartsheet, the column of building manager I will set as Contact List. 

    Even I import outlook contact to smartsheet, I still need to rewrite the building manager column one by one, therefore, Smartsheet will auto fill the cell.

    In spreadsheet, the name of building manager is Peter S. However, in my outlook contact, it will be Peter Smith. So, I should make sure name on excel column should match with name in outlook contact? 



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