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Showing Milestones in Sights

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I use a Sight as a dashboard, so I created a report to pick up only entire schedule for each project. i.e. I have 5 "bars" in the report, represents 5 projects.  And I want to show milestones with each bar. Can I do it? If so, how?

Each bar is cell-linking so I can go each sheet (project) if I click and see milestones. But I want to see them at the dashboard level because this is the info the management sees. 

By the way, I want to show milestones on the bar, not separate row (i.e. I have 3 milestones, and it doesn't look good if I show 4 rows = 1 bar schedule + 3 rows of milestones!).

Thanks for your ideas! 



  • Shaine Greenwood


    There currently isn't a way to display milestones in reports or Sights, they'll appear as 1 day tasks.

    When you have a moment, submit an enhancement request for this functionality directly to our Product team using the product enhancement request form under Quick links on the right of the community site.

  • steven.reed14881
    steven.reed14881 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Not sure on your response here. You are definitely able to designate tasks as Milestones by manually setting their duration to '0.' This is recognized by the Gantt view as a Milestone (evidenced by the Milestone icon). You can then include Milestones on reports by using Duration equal to 0 in the Report Builder. I didn't extend that on to a Sight, but I am pretty sure that would work too.

    Now I have no idea on how to possibly get multiple Milestones to appear on a single row for each of these five projects. But at least Smartsheet will allow you to report on those Milestones.



  • ysuzuki

    Shaine, I submitted an improvement request. Isn't it a popular request? If you think about dashboard usecase, showing milestones in separate row doesn't make sense. 

  • Shaine Greenwood

    I've seen the request before but I'm not certain on the popularity of the request.

    Reports right now don't have a lot of insight in to what types of data they're displaying. They might know how to bring in a column titled "duration" but they have more limited logic compared to a sheet in the many ways that duration affects a task's display of the Gantt chart.

    Our Product team is working on many improvements, and I know we're wanting to revamp the Reporting functionality down the road. I don't have an ETA for when we'd see this feature make it into Smartsheet, though.

  • callanson60051

    Re last requirement

    "By the way, I want to show milestones on the bar, not separate row (i.e. I have 3 milestones, and it doesn't look good if I show 4 rows = 1 bar schedule + 3 rows of milestones!)."

    Can I please add my voice to the list.  When presenting to stakeholders Milestones should be ON the bar.  This is the logical association as it is a milestone for that piece of work.  Also looks neater.





  • Hugo Martinwall

    I also want to add my voice to the list. I currently have this problem and it would make sense to see the milestones on a report IN the dashboard

    Kind Regards


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