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Assembly + Inventory Tracking

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I've created a smartsheet to track every unit we sell of one of our particular product lines. 

The sheet includes the unit's serial number, model number, client name, client PO number, internal 'project number', current location of unit (Ex: "On order", "Johnny's bench", "Software dept.", "Warehouse", "Shipped - En Route", "End User") and a number of other columns for product options and other various pieces of information. 

I would like to be able to have my everyone in the company have a way to scan or search the serial number of the unit and instantly pull up everything for that particular unit and be able to change the location of each unit as well as input other information as it is made available. Though I'd obviously like to take the cheap/free route as much as possible, I'm open to any third party SaaS, or a PC or mobile app if required.

We're always in a rush to get things done and out the door. Trying to have everyone sign in to smartsheet, navigate to the production tracking sheet, find the row for the unit, and then navigate to the column for the data they need to update is unfortunately more challenging than it should be. 

The Dream:

If 'Bob' is working on unit with the serial 34584n7d3, he could either scan the serial bar code or just search for "n7d3", instantly be brought to a page displaying all relevant information, update the location to "Bob's desk", and then get to work continuing the production process. 

Anyone have any good ideas on how to get rolling or am I wasting my time?


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Johnny,

    Although people would have to sign in to Smartsheet, you might have everyone use Smartsheet search to get to the row they need. (Shift + Ctrl + F)

    People can bring up the search window, type n7d3, and the sheet with that serial number will appear. They can even edit the row quickly by clicking on the search result or clicking the Edit Row icon on the right.

    If that doesn't work, you might seek out a third party integration through a service like appsheet or zapier to see if they can accomplish this.

  • Brian Hassett

    Hi Johnny,

    I am doing something very similar to what you are looking for and found that the only way to achieve this without an external app is as follows:

    If 'Bob' is using the smartsheet app on a tablet or phone he can just search for the barcode. [Or in your case if he types *n7d3 to find part of the code]. By clicking on the search result it will bring him straight to the row in smartsheet in Edit mode so he can just edit the dropdown in the cell which is relevant to him and then save.

    If there is too much data in the sheet for him you can customise a report for Bob to use with less columns relevant to what he needs to see.

    I would be interested to know if you have found an alternative. 

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