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How to change the sender email address when Sending Link to Form?

John M Lee
John M Lee ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

We use a web form as client survey but when sending it typically goes to the client's junk/spam folder because it's coming from "John Lee via Smartsheet <user@smartsheet.com>" instead of my email address which they have already interacted. 

This is negatively impacting our ability to communicate with clients as we have to CC ourselves on the email and then if we don't hear from the client in a day or so we forward the email back to them from our email address to get them to see it.  This is a lot of work.

Is there a way to select to send from the users email address in their profile rather than the generic smartsheet email address?


  • You ask a great question, one that I've dealt with for the same reason. My only solution and one that you may have thought of already. Send the link directly to the participants from yourself as BCC (blind copy). The BCC keeps the recipient information private from others and it comes directly from you. 

    Hamhanded? Yes.

    Is there a way around it? None that I have found, and I searched. 

    Here's hoping someone else will answer with the solution OR you can submit a Product Enhancement Request. 

    Best regards,


  • Lou L

    I have used another app called Zapier (Zapier.com) to create an email from my gmail account to the submitter of a form.  The Zapier app generates the email when a new row is created in my smartsheet and I can populate from that row into my email.  if email address is not on the form, then it doesn't work.

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