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Move to Another Sheet issue. Please help

Heath Sanders
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi Team,

I use a number of sheets in my business and for a company I work for. We use "Move to Another Sheet" after a job needs to be past on in the next stage of the process . "Sales"  "Accountant"  "Installer" etc. We find the row gets thrown down the bottom and we have to "Sort Rows" A-Z then Sort Descending to get all the jobs in order. The Installer is not so savvy with computers so needs to be automatic

Is there a way to stop this happening (Setting), (Formula) that can make this process automatic ?


Thank You




  • Hi Heath,

    There currently isn't a way to conditionally sort rows or move a row to a specific part of the sheet.

    When you have a moment, please submit a product enhancement request using the form under Quick links on the right of the community site.

    As a potential workaround, you might see if a third-party service, such as Zapier, can accomplish this.

  • Hi Shaine,


    Looking into that Zapier, looks like a great add on. Thanks again for your help. 

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    How many stages do you have?

    How do you get around Move Row not carrying over the formulas?

    We have done hand-off type sheets up to 15 stages in a single sheet and only move the rows when they are completed (due to the formula limitation)


  • Hi Craig,

    As you can see from the "Main sheet" attachment I've supplied, there are five. I haven't got around the formula issue when send rows, I have got an idea that Smart Sheet could implement. "Save as New Group" an option by where like "Save as New", the difference is all the sheets in this group are treated like one sheet. So no matter where the sheets go in that group, all the formulas/reminders  etc. etc. go with it ..solving the problem that we currently have...don't you think ?

    On that note Craig, is there an option other than cell linking where I can have the rows on the Calculation Sheet mirror the rows on the Main Sheet? The reason is when I "Sort Rows A - Z" on the Main Sheet the Cell linking on the Calculation Sheet stuffs up and makes it pointless to have. By doing this we don't have to "Move to Another Sheet" until SS find a Save as New Group like situation where by implementing the group of sheets.

    Thanks again for your insight mate...


    Calulation Sheet.PNG

    Main Sheet.PNG

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    Are you saying you sort on the Main Sheet and there are problems displayed on the Calculation sheet?

    Currently, only cell linking between sheets. However, on the announced road map (at ENGAGE last month), they mentioned that there will be a way to use formulas across sheets. I'm skeptical about the way it was explained, but we shall see it when it gets released (no date announced)

    As for the Save as Group ... I doubt that would fit into the current design (I have been wrong before). 

    I'm still unsure why they choose to send rows without formulas. The formula is just another property of the cell and I can move them with the API, so they can too (and easier). Perhaps they were considering for archiving purposes or where still thinking about the sheet as a Excel-like thing.



  • How are you Craig ?

    Sending data with the row should be a give me really, its the glue and power to  spread sheets in my mind. The cell linking is good for sheets that you don't have any interaction with...like sorting rows A-Z. When I did that the celling linking went red (We dots in the cell that show its been cell linked) on the calculation sheet. It must of broke the link when I sorted rows A - Z on the main sheet. How can you launch a new product and not have a date? That's like saying its my birthday coming and I'm not sure what date it is.....

    Always appreciate your help...learnt a lot and have developed some skills of my own because of it. If Smart Sheet can get that formula sorted between sheet, that things like hiding rows in other sheets can make them a pair different. I discovered if you hide different rows in different sheets and sent them back to the original sheets. The rows that weren't hidden repaired giving the illusion they were different sheet 

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    I'm sad I don't have a job that will take me to New Zealand ...(hint hint) smiley

    I haven't been able to reproduce the breaking-links-sorting issue. 

    Are these the steps:

    1. Link cells from Sheet A to Sheet B

    2. Link (different) cells from Sheet B to Sheet A

    3. Sort Sheet A 

    4. Sort Sheet B

    or some combination of the above?

    Did you delete any rows or columns? Move any rows that contained links?

    Cheers from Germany.




  • Hi Craig,

    Sheet A (Main Sheet For Me)  is where all the sort rows A- Z. 

    Sheet B (Main Sheet For Collage) Just duplicated my sheet he also sorts rows A -Z

    Sheet C This is were I Cell link the rows I want from both mine and my collage sheet to give us a cash flow forecast. 

    As soon as I "Sort Rows" in Sheet A (Sheet B isn't be used yet as still on single plan until I get this sorted) it breaks link in Sheet C (When you link a cell it shows a blank dot right ? Well it goes red indicating its broken and only records the last action I.e. $300 if that was the last thing it recorded before it went red. I'm not touching Sheet C (Its only a destination sheet to record date from Sheet A and soon to be Sheet B (Nothing else). 

    As far as work in Nz, I'm helping a company build there smart sheet (Which I introduced) while I selling for them. I have my own company, there is two of us. So even if I wanted to I couldn't afford to have you my friend. In saying that the workflow in my day job has gone through the roof and we put it down to managing the customers through smart sheet. There are a ton of company's in Nz that need the insight that you have, my day job boss told me he didn't need to know whet the sheet could do when I started,  now he's kissing my arse and relys on it for the companies he owns.... 

    What's the going rate an hour for a Smart Sheet developer (Like yourself) ?Maybe there are some companies that need you, they just don't know it yet....its typical kiwis (Nz) They can have there heads stuck up there bum sometimes 

    Anyway Craig...I will always keep my eyes open, you will be on here, I'm always promoting SmartSheet, that's why the last two companies I've worked for starting using it. I'm growing all the time...so who knows mate a door in Nz might open somewhere.


    Take Care



  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    I still can't reproduce this behavior. I have a sheet with 5 links to another sheet. I have sorted the first sheet - only the rows with links and all of them several times (different criteria each time) without losing the link.

    A note on icons:

    On the SOURCE sheet, there will be a blank arrow points to the right (out). It almost looks like a dot on some of my monitors, but it is indeed an arrow.

    On the DESTINATION sheet, there will be a larger blue area pointing to the left (in) when the link is valid and red when it isn't.

    The only way I can get a red arrow is by deleting either the row from the source sheet or the entire sheet.

    When you hover over the cell with the red arrow, you should get a pop-up below and to the right. Do you? What does it say?

    You can share the sheets with me if you want me to take a look.

    For the rest, I'll send you a private message.




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