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Changing the Color of a Font Based on Values

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi All

I'm building a budget sheet and am trying to figure out how to change the color of the font if it adds up to be over budget. For Example:

=IF([Column]1 > [Column]2, "Red") 

But by doing that, it doesn't change the color, it puts in the word Red. 

Is there a way to do it in Conditional Formatting that I'm just missing?


Much appreciated!


  • Jason Anderson

    I would recommend haveing a column that takes your budget value, subtracts the actual value spent and then you can use conditional formatting to colorize it based on if it's a negative value. 

    In the below Total (R) is the total requested or the budget and Total (A) is what was actually spent. This will return the difference of the two. If the Total (A) is more than the Total (R) it will return a negative value. You then just set a condition that if any value in that column is less than 0 it gets a red format. 

    =SUM([Total (R)]23 - [Total (A)]23)

    The conditional will read something like 

    if Overunder is less than 0 then use this format (red text) on that column Overunder. 




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