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Smartsheet Team Plan Offline and No Response from Support

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Last week we cancelled a recurring PayPal payment approval on the PayPal site, so that we could register a different card as our preferred SmartSheet payment method for our annual plan.

Although we didn't make any changes on the Smartsheet website itself, our Team Plan instantly disappeared and all Users were downgraded to Free Users.  We still had 8mths of pre-paid access remaining.

Our emails to the Support & Finance teams at SmartSheet have gone un-responded and we remain offline as a team.

The effect on our business is starting to be felt - this week we will miss 2 customer deadlines as we have lost access to our project schedules.

This is a disaster for us and we are regretting putting a key part of our business in the hands of Smartsheet.


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Steve,

    From looking into this with the Support team, it looks like you left a voicemail with us today. One of our Support agents has emailed you and tried calling you a few times today and left a voicemail.

    Our Finance team will also be looking into this soon to make sure you get any refunds available to you.

    Canceling a recurring payment on the PayPal end instantly deletes the payment info from Smartsheet, which causes the Smartsheet account to cancel.

    The best course of action to get you up and running asap is to log in and upgrade your account to a team plan with a sufficient number of licenses using your preferred card (under Account > Upgrade). 

    Once upgraded, add your team back to your new plan as licensed users under Account > User Management. Everyone's sheets will be active again.

    Please also follow up with our Support team via the email sent so that we can ensure you're back up and running and we work out any potential refunds.

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