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Active Reports

Gary Webster
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

Has anyone out there been able to achieve this?


What I would call an Active Report is as follows.

A visually formatted report page that is interactive with a master sheet. The report sheet would be formatted to display a ascetically pleasing presentation of data select from the master sheet by selecting a row. 

This could be easily done by a formula that selects only columns entered into the desired cells of the presentation sheet. Once a row is highlighted on the main sheet or even a check box on the row wanted, the desired cells from each relevant column would display. You would now have a visually pleasing page to present data to customers. 



Seems simple enough but is it possible?


Please do not tell me to use Google docs, far too time consuming. I am currently using excel to achieve this but cannot get the same functionality on smart sheets.


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