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Status Symbols (traffic lights)


Hi - Can we have set with 5 traffic lights. There is currently four and we use them to represent on-track (green), at risk (orange), overdue (red) and complete (blue). We feel we are missing one to indicate 'not started'. 


You already have a grey traffic light but it is in another set of four and it would be very helpful if this could be added to the traffic light set to make 5.


It is the little details.






  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Grace - good suggestion, I will submit this to the product team!


    One option is to use conditional formatting to color the RYGB box if your task has not started. This means you could have a rule that colors the box grey if the RYGB box is blank (not started). Then when you select an option, the background color will be removed and your RYGB ball will appear. 


    We also have other symbol columns that have 5+ options you might consider using. 


  • rick.pena50251

    I too use the traffic lights in the management of a portfolio.  Projects on schedule are green, yellow if within 2 weeks of due, red if past due, and blue when complete.  I also use the value of grey when a project has not yet started and black when it has gone on hold.  Unfortunately, as Grace indicates there are only 4 traffic symbols.  I use 6.  If you increase the amount to 6 symbols it will give a PM, Program and Portfolio Managers much more flexibility.  I have programmed in the code to make them work perfectly however I only get the words grey and black instead of the symbols for the additional colors.  I understand this has already been submitted to the product team and also there is a set of symbols with 6 items however smiley faces will not fit into my environment or depict accurately what I need to get across.  A second part of this request is in the creation of a report and exporting to Excel.  Only the words transfer to Excel and not the symbols.  The only option then is conditional formatting or copying in images.

    Best regards,


  • Gwen

    Hi Rick. I'm interested to see how you were able to program the automated status updates of your symbols. Would you be willing to share the code?



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