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Resource Allocation


So we have some re-occuring projects sheets that are used like check list.


  • Board Meeting
    • Put out Name Tags
    • Confirm Tech Times
    • Check AV Equipment

And a lot of time they are all assigned to one person. We know that we can assign the value to these tasks a percent that is low, but is there a way to set SmartSheets to only pull from the headings (like Board Meeting) since that person is often responsible for all things under that heading?



  • Pam Alakai
    Pam Alakai Employee
    edited 12/05/17


    We don't currently have a way to only pull and display Allocation percentage from the parent rows (headings) in resource view. But you can submit an enhancement request for this functionality here so it can be considered by our development team for future implementations.

    However, I would suggest trying the following workaround and let me know if it helps:

    Kind Regards, 


    Technical Support Specialist 

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