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Smart sheets in Life Sciences

Steve Langron
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I'm thinking of streamlining the non conformance and capa tracking processes via smartsheets. I've some concerns and wonder if any other users have any observations....


1) if I use web forms to capture a non conformance will this be compliant? I'm used to getting ink signatures even on the initial raising of a non conformance.  Maybe docusign is an option.

2) once I've imported the non conformance into smartsheets to track progress how do I justify to an auditor that the smartsheet has not been tampered with? As the alternative is an excel tracker smartsheets feels like there's more control,

3) I'm assuming that I create a capa form from smartsheets via a report and then get ink signatures on the action, corrective action and validation of the actions. I can't see a way around this apart from docusign. Any thoughts? 



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Steve - depending on what you need to be compliant with, its possible we are. Here is information on Smartsheet Security including our security policy and whitepaper: https://www.smartsheet.com/security-info


    As far as determining if data has been tampered with, there are a few options. Every cell has complete history which includes every change that was made, when it was made, and who made the change. To view a cells history, right click in the cell and select View History. There are also system columns which can show you timestamps for when a row was created/last modified and the name of the user who created/last modified the row. 


    DocuSign is a great tool that has been very popular with Smartsheet users since our integration. Here is information on this integration: http://www.smartsheet.com/apps/docusign


    If you would rather get an ink signature I would suggest using Smartsheet Merge to automatically create printable docs from the row data that is submitted via web form. Then, you could circulate these docs for signature and just attach them back to the row. 

  • Steve Langron

    Travis - Thanks for your detailed response. Much appreciated.


    I'm certainly going to look into more detail on the merge and ducusign options. To be honest I didn't know (or have forgotten) the history feature which is realy useful in the life science context. 

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