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Mutiple If's in a statement

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I am trying to created a multiple if Statement.


If column1 contains "Milestone 1" show "30% invoiced

If column1 contains "Milestone 2" show 80% invoiced

If column1 contains "Milestone 2" show 100% invoiced


Can someone please help me created this formula?



  • Alison
    Alison Employee

    Hello Emma,


    Thanks for reaching out.  I was able to work with a colleague to write this up for you; however, we changed one of your conditions (the last one) to "Milestone 3," since you'd mentioned "Milestone 2" twice.


    =IF([column1]1="Milestone 1", "30% Invoiced", IF([column1]1="Milestone 2", ""80% Invoiced", IF([column1]1="Milestone 3", "100% Invoiced")))

    Please remember to place this into your cell where you want the calculation to appear and also that you will want to change the column names and row number per the correct column names and row numbers that correspond.  You will then want to drag-fill this formula into the rest of the rows in which you want this behavior.   This is found in our Help Center here.


    General information on our Formulas can be found here.


    Kind regards,


    Smartsheet Support

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