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Auto populating Formula Issues

I have an existing sheet with formulas to compute "netdays" left for a task, the task and variables live on the same row. That sheet  has a form which allows for a user to add to the sheet a new task and assign, within the form, a start and end date.  These dates are the variables that contribute to the formula.  My issue is that when the new line is added a " ' " comma is added in front of the "=" for the formula.  If I manually delete it the formula works if not the formula doesn't work.  

I have tried several ways to fix this issue and keep having the same problem.  How is this resolved?



  • Hi there,

    It seems that your sheet is treating that formula as text, which is why the apostrophe is added to the beginning of it. One question, are you trying to add the formula to your sheet using the form?

    If that’s the case, Smartsheet will treat the formula as text by adding that ‘ (apostrophe) in front of it. You’ll instead want to add the formula directly to the grid of your sheet as opposed to using the form. Once your formula has been added to at least 2 rows above or below, when new form submissions come in, your formula will auto populate on the new row.

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