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Filter what other can see&edit


My Company from Slovenia is using SmartSheet to track inquires/sales all over the world. Each inquiry gets its own line and we enter in this line also country from where demand came from. Curenty we use this sheet only internal-  only in company headquarter here in Slovenia.

Today our exclusive distributor from Germany expressed interest to have access to this sheet and to see&edit only lines where country is selected “Germany” (also we don’t want that he can see lines & attachments where other countries are selected)

How to do this? How to filter/make report… in order that distributor can see/edit only lines & attachments where country is selected “Germany”

  1. My first unsucessful attempt was by creating new WorkSpace --- create new report and grant German distributor only access to this new WorkSpace. But I surprisingly notice that person needs to have access to workspace where original sheet is saved in order to view data in report. Any reason behind this unlogic restriction? (From my point of view - If I make report and choose what this person can see/edit in report and grant him access only to this report WHY I need to grant him also access to sheet which contains a lot of other confidential data??).
  2. OK, then I came to idea to grant him access to Workspace where sheet is saved and hide all columns in that sheet (I also hide columns with comments and attachments). My idea was to reveal him filtered information in report. But I was disappointed because I realize, that I cannot hide/disable sheet-attachment-summary or sheet-comments-summary (full of data from other countries).


These restrictions are really limiting collaboration options! And we don’t want to create separate sheets for each country – this is not solution for us (because we will have +150 sheets just for tracking inquires all over the world).

Any idea?


  • Schiff A.
    Schiff A. Employee

    Hello igor,

    Reports will only display data from sheets that a user is already shared to because reports may contain data from multiple sheets with different sharing permissions. Only showing data from sheets that a user is already shared to prevents giving access to data from sheets that a user is not meant to see.

    Currently, there is no way to have a user both see and edit data without sharing them to the underlying sheet. 

    If just being able to see data is acceptable then you may want to consider publishing the report for your German distributor: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/522078-publishing-smartsheet-items#publishreports

    I also encourage you to share your use case with our Product team by clicking on the Submit Product Enhancement Request link on the right-side pane of Community pages.




    Smartsheet Support

  • Is there a way to just disable the underlying sheet availability in the workspace list for those users? they would continue to have edit rights, however, could not access the sheet, only the report.

  • Schiff A.
    Schiff A. Employee


    You can consider reports to display the actual rows from the underlying sheets when viewing the report.  If a user does not have access to the underlying sheet, they will not be able to view that data on the report unless the report is published:  https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/522078-publishing-smartsheet-items…

    Keep in mind that published reports are view only.

    There is not currently a way to unshare items in a workspace individually but you could share items selectively instead of sharing the entire workspace.


    The best option for granular sharing/editing settings on a sheet is to use the Dynamic View addon: https://www.smartsheet.com/product/dynamic-view

    Contact your sales representative/account manager for more information about adding Dynamic View to your account.

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