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How can I select data that is older than 365 day?


How can I select data that is older than 365 day?

=COUNTIFS(Product:Product, "ABC", [Project Complete Date]:[Project Complete Date], "Where Project Complete Date is < 365 days from today"



  • Robert S.Robert S. Employee

    Hello Anil,


    Thanks for the question. The formula can use the TODAY() function in order to look for dates in relation to the current date. More on the TODAY() function can be found here (https://help.smartsheet.com/function/today). Here's an example of how this formula could be written:


    =COUNTIFS(Product:Product, "ABC", [Project Complete Date]:[Project Complete Date], <TODAY(-365))


    This will only count rows where "Product" is "ABC" and "Project Complete Date" is prior to 365 days before today.

  • Thank you Robert.

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