Box Sync

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I needed to attach supporting documents from Box. I find it frustrating to do so because

  1. I cannot use Box Sync (offline Box which syncs automatically with Box) to drop the links, instead I have to use Box Online
  2. When I try to link Smartsheet to Box, I find it extremely slow as it needs to first load all the folders. Then when I expand the folder to get to sub-folder, often it lags and I have to do the expanding again before I try to find the document.
  3. When I try to use Box Online to then attach the URL, that as well takes a long while, because it involves scrolling through multiple folders and pages to find the document. 

Each time I try to look for a new document, I will have to go through again the same process as it doesn't remember what I have done before. 

Separately, what happens if the document that was attached is moved around in Box. Will Smartsheet link updates automatically? 

Is there any efficient way available with dealing with attachments to Box? 



  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Mararet,

    A lot of this is due to the way the Box API works—which is what we used when integrating Box attachments with Smartsheet.

    One trick that people use when working with any high volume of attachments is to create strict naming conventions and stick to them, that way they're easier to locate.

    For instance, when I create vectors (images, icons, etc.) I have a strict rule to name it: date_purpose_print/video

    This helps me locate it by name and also know which is the latest version without having to guess. 

    A more strict naming convention might make it easier for you to search for the files you need more quickly.