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I have two sheets that I want to share information across.

Sheet1 contains hundreds of part number records and standard data fields required for each part number.

Sheet2 contains essentially a task list of needs to be addressed each of the part numbers on Sheet1.  The amount of tasks per part number is highly variable and thus we didn't build it into Sheet1.  

I already link a part number from Sheet1 to a record with a Part Number column on Sheet2.  I do this in the event there is a change to the part number (i.e. 12345 changes to 12345-A).

There are multiple other fields (ex. Part Name) on Sheet1 that I would like to link over to Sheet2 as well.  Is there a way to do this without having to create individual links for each field every time a new part number is created and linked?

I was hoping there was a formula or logic link method that would allow me to execute from Sheet2 something like the following...

1. Once the link to the Part Number is setup from Sheet 1 to Sheet2

2. In the Part Name cell of that record on Sheet2 use a reference formula/logic link that finds the Part Name of the linked Part Number and return it to the Part Name cell on Sheet2

 Is there a way to do this?  In other spreadsheets applications I would do this using a vlookup that references a range in a different file.


  • Hello,

    Short answer: Not yet, but soon.

    Longer answer: Currently, there isn't a way to automatically link cells across sheets. Cell links must be manually created.

    Later this year (first half of 2018), we plan on releasing a feature that allows you to perform VLOOKUP functions to pull data in from other sheets. Look out for this functionality in the coming months.

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