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Error Message "Error: this link is invalid"

Adam Shipway
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

When linking from Sheet1 to a cell in Sheet2 I am recieving the Message "Error: this link is invalid".

What is causing this?


The dates in Sheet2 are driven by Sheet1, BUT there are no dependencies that set up a circular reference. I am wanting to bring back start date/duration for information only.


We have been having some internet connection problems but that is now stable, and recreated links show the same error.



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Adam, I would recommend contacting the Support team at support@smartsheet.com as they can look into and troubleshoot your sheet and the specific errors you are getting. 



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Adam, was the Support team able to help you out? If they were, could you share what the issue was, to help Paul? 


    Paul - you may want to contact support@smartsheet.com to get assistance with this. 

  • Travis, I am awaiting feedback from Support. It may be unsolvable, as the problem seems to resolve itself after hours or days, with no intervention.This does nothing to build confidence in cell-linking as a reliable feature, though in fairness, it has been reliable up to this instance.

  • I noticed that if you erase a Predecessor from a row, then try to create a cell link in the Start Date of that row, the cell link will be Invalid.


    If you erase a Predecessor from a row, then save and refresh the sheet before creating the cell link, there isn't an issue.


    Any chance this addresses the issue you're encountering?

  • Thanks for the tip Allie. That scenario is what I was doing, without saving and Refreshing. So I will do that from now on.


    Below is the Response from Support:



    Hello Adam,

    If the Cell Linking issue is inconsistent, try keeping an eye on when it happens next and see if there is anything external that could be causing the issue, such as Internet speed/connectivity or browser speed. Also, I recommend using Google Crome as your browser versus Internet Explorer. In our tests we have found that Chrome runs Smartsheet up to 40% faster than Internet explorer.

    Let me know if you experience the Cell Linking issue again and I will be happy to investigate further.



    Technical Support Specialist

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