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Task duration over a longer time frame, not consecutive days

Fran Hemsley
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I often have tasks that I know how long they will actually take to do, but just need slotting in amidst other works eg a 2 day job, but it needs to be within the next 2 weeks (10 working days). So it may be worked on 1 day in the first week and 1 day in the next week. If I enter the the period it can be done over, using a start and end date, then it would enter that as 10 days, not 2, for the example given.  If I enter a start or end date with a 2 day duration, then it assumes the days will be consectuive.  Is there a way around this please (without altering the working day setting parameters, as it is a 5 day working week in the example given, but other duties have to be done on the other working days)? Thanks. 


  • SashaR

    I am a little confused about how exactly you expect this to work... How do you want the Gantt chart to look? no bar because you dont know the days you work, or a bar over the entire two weeks? What about your grid view, what dates do you want to see in the start and end date columns?


    What other system have you used that does what you are looking for? If you give me a little information about how you currently doing this or how you have in the past, I can try and offer a solution. 

  • SaschaG
    edited 08/12/15

    Dean Fran,

    I have the same problem!

    The only idea I have is to create additional PlanStart and PlanEnd columns.

    I think the dependency between Duration and EndDate should be untouched to track reality and potentials.

    Rg. Sascha

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