Master sheet overview

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I am currently working in a team where many projects (not necessarily related) are running alongside each other. We would like to create a smart sheet master template/dashboard that allows the project manager to manage his/her own smart sheet for the given project themselves, while all the data from the particular project is linked to the master dashboard so that upper management of the project managers along with other project managers can view each other’s projects and timeline on one holistic sheet.

It is important that the data taken from the separate projects update automatically so that the master sheet will be self-managed and always synchronised to the same status as the individual project sheets.


I have looked into using the cell linking function in smart sheet, however there are several limitations to the cell linking function that make it unfit for the goal I am trying to achieve:

  • The 500 cell linking limit makes it difficult/timely to synchronise a whole sheet.
  • The cell linking function won’t add new rows to the master sheet if new rows are added to the initial project sheet.
  • When doing cell linking, the formatting of the cell, for example fill colour, text colour, and if indented or not, does not copy/link to the intended sheet.

Do you know if there is a function on smart sheet that will allow what I need to be achieved?