Send Update Request - Button not Hyperlinked in JIRA ticket

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi All, 

I use Send update request to email alias that automatically creates a JIRA ticket. 

However the Open Update Form Button - is not linked in the JIRA ticket description ?

Any ideas how I can get the Update Form button to open ?




  • Michael Weiland

    Hi Sinead,

    Thanks for reaching out! I understand that you using Update Requests to create new Issues in JIRA, and it sounds like you are trying to add the Open Update Form button within a Description field in a JIRA Issue. 

    Can you please open up a Support ticket and provide any screenshots of the behavior you are currently seeing on your side, and our team will see if what you are trying to accomplish is possible.

    You can open up a Support ticket by filling out the form here:

    Thank you,


    Smartsheet Support