Type selected - allows certain columns to be updated

Michele Deo
Michele Deo ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

The checklist type smart sheet will be setup with columns called Vendor, Type, Doc 1, Doc 2, Doc3.  What I want to do, is depending on the type selected for a particular vendor, the doc columns will grey out for those doc types needed for that specific doc type.  For Example:

Vendor 1  Type Critical  All doc type columns would be available to track collection of documents

Vendor 2 Type Important Doc 1, Doc 2 would be available but doc 3 would be greyed out (that document not needed for this vendor type)

Vendor 3 Type Incidental Doc 1 available, and Doc 2 and 3 would be greyed out

Anyone have experience or know if I can do this type of smartsheet?




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