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Replicating multiple worksheets in Excel

mikelondon ✭✭✭
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We use an xls file to manage our monthly staff rota.  I want to transfer this to SS but we use multiple worksheets, one for each month, ie one for Jan, one for Feb etc.  What is the best practice for replicating this functionality on SS please?  Thanks.  Michael


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi mikelondon! Its hard to say without seeing the Excel sheets or having information about how you want your sheets set up. Have your tried importing these into Smartsheet? You can probably set up your Smartsheet the same way as your Excel files or you might be able to utilize Smartsheet’s features to improve you setup. If you gave us a little more information about how the sheets are set up (possibly with a screenshot) and what challenges you are facing, I can give you a better answer!

  • mikelondon
    mikelondon ✭✭✭

    Dear Travis


    Thanks for your response.  I suppose that the core of my issue is that SS cannot handle multiple tabs in one spreadsheet, can it?  In our xls doc that we use via Sharepoint to manage the staff rotas we have one separate tab for each month.  Do you have any suggestions as to how we could replicate this functionality somehow please?  Thanks.



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    You are correct in that we do not have the workbook function that Excel has, but you can build something similar using workspaces. Think of a workspace as a workbook. You can add as many sheets as you want to a single workspace. When you want to open the sheets in the workspace, first close all your currently open tabs (right click on a tab and select Close All Tabs), then go to your workspace. Use the top checkbox to ‘select all’ and select Actions > Open. This will open all the selected sheets. Now you have all your sheets opened with tabs at the top that you can move between. When you are done, right click on a tab and select Close All Tabs. Not identical to an Excel workbook but still offers similar functionality. 


  • This is helpful. While not identical, it is similar. My boss just asked, "Why can't Smartsheet be more like Excel?" Well, I guess in a way it is. Smile

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