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Heba H.
Heba H.
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I have a sheet where the RYGG is automated based on the due date (overdue=red, due date +2=yellow, the rest=green). I then set up the alerts ("Send a notification") so when the status turns yellow one email goes out, and when it turns red, another one gets sent out. I've played around with this for a few days. I have the test emails set to my email address, but no emails. It only seems to work if I go in and change the status myself, which defeats the purpose. Would really appreciate any help on this. 

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  • Tim
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    Having read your comment i thought i would see if the same happened for me. I can confirm that I did receive a notification based on a change in the variables when driven by a formula.

  • Any tips? I know your original comment said it didn't work, but it looks like it is working for you now. 

  • Tim
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    Is your Alert a notification, if so how long to notify, or an update request? I have both set up in trial mode and the update request is set to "right away" and that is the one I have received emails from.


  • Yes, it's a notification and set at right away. 

  • Just set that up for myself and received the notification in minutes.

    Are you expecting your notification to be triggered even if you do not go into the sheet or do not make changes to the sheet, e.g. if time elapses and a variable changes?

  • Ideally, I would like it, once it changes colors as the date changes, for an email to be sent out. However, I know the sheet needs to be active and that it needs to be open, and even refreshed the next day. But even after that, no emails were sent

  • Sarah_lee123
    Sarah_lee123 ✭✭
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    I am having issues getting the emails to trigger as well. Mine is not complex and is set to trigger when a box is checked in the sheet. When I go in and check the box, nothing happens. I have three separate rules for three different boxes. There are no conditions and it is the simplest alert that can be created. I am confused as to why the alert is not being triggered. 

    Any Ideas? It's seems like the above comments are just talking about how it is working for them, but not much on troubleshooting the issue. Thoughts?

    See attached screenshot


    Smartsheets alert issue.png

  • Hi Heba—

    Formulas will only run and reflect the updated status once your sheet is opened and saved.

    You'll need to open and save your sheet for the status to update and then trigger the automation workflows that you've made.

    If you're already doing that, you may need to adjust your account- or sheet-level alerts and actions settings. More information on this is available in the help center:

  • Was there ever a resolution to this thread @Heba H. or @Sarah_lee123? I'm having the same issue the past few weeks when testing some new automations. The other contacts I have set to receive the email are working properly, it's only my work email that doesn't receive them. My work email is in the Sub. By Other cell below on the sheet. My personal email is listed under the specific people along with a coworkers work email address.

    I still get all other previous updates to sheets and other automations that I have set up.

    Is it possible that I'm not getting the test notifications to my work email address because I'm logged into Smartsheet under that same email address making the sheet changes that trigger the automation?

  • Andrée Starå
    Andrée Starå ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi Gil, @Gil Nash

    First, make sure that you have allowed yourself to receive notifications properly in your Personal Settings (circle/profile in the upper right corner) and secondly check the Permission.setting for the Automations. (cog in the upper right corner in the Automation overview)

    I hope that helps!

    Have a fantastic week!


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