Calculate health of a smartsheet project.

James Landers
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I have created a smartsheet from a project management template.  Start and Finish Dates, Durations, predecessor, % complete, are all working well. I can easily calculate the health of completed tasks by allowing a project manager to change the % complete and look at over all weighted averages of those complete tasks.  That does not paint the full picture of the health of the project.  

Has anyone created a project sheet that is calculating metrics to determine the health of a project?





  • If I understand your question, the most simple way to achieve this would be to do the following:

    - Place a row above all the tasks of a project to be used/named as the "Overall Project Health" Row. (optionally, indent the tasks beneath the Summary Row)

    - In the "% Complete" Column of the "Summary/Overall Project  Health" Row, add a formula.

    • If you don't indent the tasks, the formula would be:
      • =AVG()
      • Between the parentheses in the above formula, you select all the "% Complete" cells of the tasks you want to average.
    • If you do indent the tasks, the formula would be:
      • =AVG(Children())

    Hope this helps!