Manage entitlements in a sheet!

harouna ba
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I managed severals collaborators and for easier management

I want to create several task in one sheet that will be assigned to different collaborators and I want each collaborator to allow see only the affected tasks. It's possible?



  • There are many ways to do this. The way best for you will depend on the way you are sharing the Sheet, the Collaborators Permissions, and type of Smartsheet Account.


    If all of the Assigned To users are on your account and they have editing rights to your sheet, then the best way would be to make a filter so that the "Assigned To" Column (which should be a Contact Column) is equal to the "Current User". Then you would make that your default view for sharing. (Keep in mind, if you're not Assigned To any of the tasks, you won't see anything while the sheet is filtered. This is based on the Smartsheet user logged in.) Please see attached photos. 

    If you'd like further instruction, I'm happy to help.

    Create Filter based on Contact Column1.JPG

    Default View - Current User.JPG

  • harouna ba
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    Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the answers, unfortunately I can't assign a task to a collaborator without him seeing the other tasks.

    in your answer you say " "Assigned To" Column (which should be a Contact Column) is equal to the "Current User". But, if I use the equal Option I cannot have "Current User option". Please see attached photos.

    Would you have another solution to assigned task to the collaborator where they can see only the tasks assigned to them?



    Capture d’écran 2018-02-04 à 09.08.46.png

    Filter Access.png

  • harouna ba

    Answer from Stephanie: 

    Hi Harouna,


    It is not possible to share a user to a Sheet and have them see only their tasks. If you share the Sheet, everyone can see everything in that Sheet.


    There are a couple alternatives though:


    1. If you need the user to be able to make updates
      1. Set up Update Request to go to the user. A form will be sent to their email. It will show only tasks assigned to the user, and they can make updates to those tasks
    2. If you just need the user to be able to view their tasks, but not make updates
      1. Create a Report and set the criteria to only pull in tasks assigned to the user.
      2. Next, click the Publish button to publish the Report to a live URL.
      3. Share this URL with the user and they will have a live view-only report of their tasks.


  • Jessica Bradbury
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    I'm sorry, I didn't mean "is equal to" it should be "is one of" then you can select Current user. Then when sharing the sheet, you'd make that the default filter.

    Another option would be to build a report based the collaborators. This is very easy & real time. 

    Are you familiar with Reports? If not i can help walk you through creating one. 

    Is One Of Filter.JPG

  • harouna ba

    Hi Jessica,

    Nice to read you again.

    I'm not  familiar with Reports, yes you can show me.