Notifications to Company Managed Distribution Lists

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Now that smartsheet permits emails to outside users my ability to use the sheets has greatly increased! Unfortunately I am running into an issue when trying to send emails to company generated distribution lists. I am not sure if it a security feature my company has or an issue with smartsheet.

Our company distribution lists have an associated email to send emails to the entire group. It would look something like: In theory these emails should come through, but so far all tests have not gone through to the members of the list.

Has anyone seen this issue? And is there a work around?

*NOTE: I have set my alert settings to send to "all emails"*

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  • saltyblueocean
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    Hi all,

    It seems for us it was an issue on the back end of our company's IT. I would reach out to your local IT to see if they are blocking notifications from smartsheet email addresses. It took us a really long time to figure it out, but now it works seamlessly (unless one person on that email DL "unsubscribes" from the notification, that is a whole other issue).