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If And Formula Help

Hugh Robinson
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

Hi I am a new user of smartsheet.  I need help on why this excel formual will not work.  I get 




=IF(([Total Billed]40)<10000,0,

IF(AND(([Total Billed]40)>=10000,([Total Billed]40)<20000),([GP Amount]40*5%,

IF(AND(([Total Billed]40)>=20000,([Total Billed]40)<30000),([GP Amount]40*10%,

IF(AND(([Total Billed]40)>=30000),([GP Amount]40*15%,0))))



Thank you in advance for your help.  



  • John Sauber
    John Sauber ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Instead of a %-sign, use the decimal equivalent. Instead of 5%, use 0.05, for example. Everything else here looks pretty fine to me.

  • Hugh Robinson

    Thank you John.


    Final Formula looks like this:


    =IF(([Total Billed]40)<10000,0,

    IF(AND(([Total Billed]40)>=10000,([Total Billed]40)<20000),[GP Amount]40*0.01,

    IF(AND(([Total Billed]40)>=20000,([Total Billed]40)<30000),[GP Amount]40*0.02,


    IF(AND(([Total Billed]40)>=30000),[GP Amount]40*0.03,0))))

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