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Can you create a filtered version of a smartsheet without having to link each link one by one?


I'm trying to create a live copy of sheet1 so I can filter and share with execs. I know I can link sheets but I don't want to do that every time a new tark is added.


Is there a way to create a copy, add filters and have it updated as soon as I add new tasks?


  • Tim Meeks
    Tim Meeks ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    I would do this with a report instead of with another sheet and linking and filters. As you said, it's high maintenance.


    The report is interactive with the sheet so you can have it run and it will pick up the latest info. Or the user can refresh the report and see the latest on the sheet.


    If you don't want them editing the data on the report/sheet, then publish the sheet.






  • Mariana Santos

    Thanks TIm, the problem with the report is that once you run the report you cannot use regular column filters.


    If there is a "task 1" in primary column with 1, 2, 3 as subtasks and "task 2" with 2,3,4 subtasks and I only want to show task names + 3, I have to flter out anything that contains 1, 2, 4. Having different tasks with different sub tasks makes it hard to group into a report. Even if I ended up filtering out all the things I don't want to show; when a new tasks gets added to my "master" sheet, I'll have to go back to the report and filter new fields I don't want to show.

    Do you have any other suggestion? Not really sure how to display task title plus only some of the subtasks

  • Tim Meeks
    Tim Meeks ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    The detail helps better understand what you are trying to do. To your point, the report is not a good solution given the lack of filtering.  Also, if you want to create another sheet and link to it, this gets more complicated.  I don't see an easy way to do what you want as far as having rows updated as soon as you add new tasks. You would have to add these new tasks to the update sheet.


    Here's one idea that may work but still requires some update on your part. also, it works best if the execs are in the original sheet and not a copy.  You could add another column called "Display" and make it a checkbox. Any row you want to be displayed for the execs would need to be checked. You could then filter on the columns that are checked.  

    You could use a 2nd sheet as a copy, but I don't see a way to not have to add links everytime you add a new task.


    Still may not be fully what you are looking for but if I think of something, i'll let you know.




  • Mariana Santos
    edited 08/19/15

    I think reports would be a great solution if they had the "Show parent" check as regular filters do.


    We'll keep on looking for a better solution.


    Thanks again for your suggestions


  • Rey Martinez
    edited 11/21/15

    Not certain how this fall in this category but I have a small shop that I need to keep client info and track progress. So I created a Client Contact sheet, so when a client comes in I have them input name, number, email and so forth. What I had done was added more fields (that cleints do not need to see) to that same list but now I think I would like to just keep one sheet for client info and the second for internal use but I do not want to maintain two seperate sheet. I know I can hide fields but it seems to troublesome to hide and unhide all the time. I'm having my clients signin on tablet and I would use a labtop. My employee will have access to that same tablet but nly need him to select the completion field once a project is done.

  • Keith Tham

    Hi Rey,

    Am guessing you have a solution already as this is an old post but thought I'd mention that I've used the Sheet's web form function and customized only fields for input by the client.  The web form is shareable to anyone and the sheet does not need to be shared.

    Your staff can be notified of any new entries and then login from any other device to add any additional information as needed all on one sheet.  Can even send an update request to clients in future for additional information or updates right from the sheet. 


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