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Asigning special dates in Time Line Display

What I try to make is:


There is a task for the time between Aug 5th 10 and Aug 18.

On Sep 14 partner XY is required to be present in City AB.

Is there a way to show the alert icon in Time Line Display linked to additional details?

The notification is already possible and the message can be sent to appointed person. But it would be very fine to see this icon, the apointed person can e.g. book tickets, hotel etc. in advance.






  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    While you cannot have a reminder icon appear in the Gantt chart, you can have milestones (diamond icon). To create a milestone add a new task with the same start/end date and set the duration to 0. You could even set your reminder(s) based on your milestone tasks. 

  • Well, it is not exactly, what I ment. But it is at least a "half way" solution. Having the symbols right in the time lines of particular task would be more descriptive.

    Thank you.

  • Now I think about next scenarios:

    A tem is working on a project. Each member is responsible for one task. There are set dependancies, so other mebers must wait until one member has finished his task. But he may need (onder circumstancies) announce that the tas won't be finished in time, so the top manager must reschedule the global timeline, or assign some assistane. Or the responsible member has finished his task three days before planned date and the top manager, again, may need reschedule.

    In both cases a sign in the timeline would be important for the whole teem.

  • If you set reminders based on date columns, rather than specific dates, then the email will send on the correct date even if the date is changed. For example, if you set a reminder to send 1 day before the start date, someone can change the tasks start date and the reminder will automatically change to the new date. 

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