Troubles when Posting

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I keep on getting this message when I try to post a question about some formulas:

"Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted. If you feel this is in error, please report that you are blocked."

Yet this post seems to work fine.  Any ideas on what the problem could be?


  • Shaine Greenwood
    Shaine Greenwood Employee
    edited 02/13/18

    Hi Martin,

    I'm not sure, as you're the first person to report this issue (that I'm aware of).

    Are you including an image or URL in your posts?

    Our spam filters have been known to block certain images as well as URLs. Typically though, people are able to submit the post and then our spam filter unpublishes it until I review it and approve or delete the post.

    I've never seen our spam filter let someone know that their post has been blocked!

  • There's no images or URLs in the post whatsoever so I was quite surprised to see the message pop up.  The only thing I can think of is that the post is a bit long but I wouldn't think that would cause it to get flagged as spam.