Prioritization and Forced Rank

Hi all!

I'm creating an intake form to help business leaders prioritize and force rank of dependencies. 


Main project: Develop a recyclable lid for water bottles

Owner: Barney Rubble

I'd like to send an update request to Barney asking him to tell me what departments he is depending on to get his project done. For example, he's probably waiting on Finance for an ROI analysis of various types of materials for the lid. 

I can include multi-select checkboxes for the department indicators, but how do I then allow Barney to rank which department needs to go first (Finance needs to go first, then R&D, then something else, etc). 

How could I get the ranking (dates and prioritization) from an intake form? Any help is appreciated!



  • Hi Maria,

    You might consider creating additional dropdown fields with a 1-x rank, where 1 is who should go first, 2 is dependent on 1, 3 on 2, etc for each department.

    You can request this info in the initial intake form or you can add the columns to your sheet directly, then create an update request that asks them for this ranking info once they've submitted via the intake form.

    The latter is more involved but may lead to a cleaner intake form.