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As the owner of multiple sheets, reports, sights, etc., is there a way to search all of these where a specific person has been given permissions?  Simply put, we have a team member leaving the company and I need to remove this person from any all sheets, reports, sights, etc. and I am hoping not to have to open each item to review permissions.


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    Thanks for this question!  The best way to do this would be to download the User Sheet Access Report, which can be found by the System Administrator under "ACcount" > "User Management."  This would give you an Excel file listing the names of sheets that this user can access.  You can find further information on this at our Help Center in this article under the "Individual Users" section.

    You can also download the Sheet Access Report for all users.  That can be found under the "All Users" section of that same article above.


    I also wanted to mention that, when you remove a user from User Management, you can select the "Remove User from Sharing" and then the "Transfer Owned Items to Other User" options, which would remove their ability to see any shared items and would give their owned items to another licensed user on your account, respectively.  You can find information on this at our Help Center in this same article.

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