How to create Report/Chart/Sheet for overview of many?

Frank Durocher
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

We have a Sheet for every project. Every Sheet is basically a checklist. The checklists are similar but wording and order of the tasks are different.

I want to create something that will bring in just the "Completed" checkbox and the Primary Column of each Sheet/checklist so that the overall status can be easily seen. How can I accomplish this?

Ideally, it would work like this: I have Checklists "House Chores", "Yard Chores", and "Pet Chores". Column A would be the Completed checkbox from "House Chores", Column B would be the name of the chore, and then Column C would start over for the next checklist by showing the Completed checkbox from "Yard Chores" followed by the name of the chore in Column D, and so on with Columns E & F.

Does that make sense?