All-in-one-place form for collaborators via Update Request?

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In using Update Requests, is it possible (or HOW) to include the discussion thread, comments or a link to all that?

And how can I include the connected documents, or a link to them?


CONTEXT of question:

When assigning tasks to collaborators with no spartsheet experience, I want to give them the chance to update the status ("Accept this assignment")  and see the background information (Discussion/Comments) and related information (Attachments) all in ONE email.  I want it to be a FORM, so they don't have to think of things in terms of a spreadsheet (confusing for novices).



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    This is a great question!  I did some testing on this and found that, if you set your Update Request to include the "Attachments" and "Comments" columns, then you'll see those come through at the bottom of your Update Request.  

    I've included a few images to help with this.

    I included a screenshot of the setting to include the Comments and Attachments.  This can be set up under "Include" in your Update Request settings.  I also included an image of the Update Request builder to show where the "Include" button is (toward the bottom).

    I then included a screenshot of what you'll see at the bottom of your Update Request form.  Though this doesn't show up in the email, you'll see it as soon as you click the "Open Update Form" link in the email.

    Please let me know if you have further questions on this.  You can find more information on Update Requests at our Help Center here.

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    Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 9.05.35 AM.png

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