Regular Meetings on a Project Schedule

New to smartsheets. How do I add in weekly meetings into a project (all on one line.) It is a long project and I don't want an entry for each meeting. Thanks in advance.



  • Hi Julie,

    I'm not exactly sure what format you're using to add meetings into your sheet. If you're using a series of columns to log various different kinds of information, it's highly recommended to add them as new rows so that they are easy to read and logically divided.

    You can use hierarchy in your sheet in order to group your meetings under a single project. More information on hierarchy is available in the help center:

    If the above doesn't help, please provide me with more information on how you're adding projects and meetings to your sheet, such as what columns and column types you're using and whether this is added by a form or directly to the sheet.

  • Hi Julie, 

     I am new to Smartsheet as well, and I decided to use a separate sheet for a few reasons.

    I wanted to create an agenda before the meeting, and I wanted to share the sheet with people that may not have access to the tasks & milestones, such as external partners.  Also, I will track tasks that do not need to be added to the formal timeline.  

    I am using the following columns:  meeting date, attendees, hot topics, tasks, next steps, priority, assigned to, due date, comments, status (in progress, complete, ongoing, hold, cancelled).  

    I use the hot topics column to create an agenda, where I can add topics as I think of them before the weekly meeting.  I usually add hyperlinks to other sheets that are related to the topic so the I don't waste time finding the sheet.    

    I filter out those with a status of complete or cancelled so that i can keep the sheet updated with items that require follow-up.  

    Good luck!