Links in templates that can create a link on creation to a set sheet

Kathy Coulthard
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I have a request that may already be possible so if someone can assist would be great. If not possible I believe it would be a great new feature.!

We create a new sheet for each of our manufacturing jobs from a template.

When this new sheet is created we then have to copy link the first row of the job sheet into a WIP sheet (summary of all current jobs)

The WIP sheet is a constant sheet and the links from the template first row from column 1 - 10 are always the same. 

How can I create the link in the template as a constant when the new sheet is created to the WIP sheet without having to manually copy and link the 2 sheets each time?

When a job is finished we then move the entire line from the WIP sheet into a Job Completed Sheet where a little more information is then added. it would also be fantastic if we could automate both of these manual functions.

Thank you.


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Kathy,

    It sounds like you're talking about creating cell links from a group of rows in a new sheet to populate data on a destination sheet that holds the summary of your projects.

    Currently, there isn't a way to conditionally auto-fill cell links cell links in this way through Smartsheet directly. There are certain third-party integrations that may be able to do this (zapier, appsheet, azuqua).

    Another possibility that you can explore is to create a report that pulls in your summary data from each new sheet. Reports are ways to aggregate data from sheets as that data is created. More info on reports here:

  • Thanks Shaine,It was really more about being able to create a Template with an embeded link that included a fixed row/s and column/s reference to a fixed existing summary sheet (moving it automatically to the last row on the summary sheet). So that each time you created a new job sheet from the Template that the cells links were already included in the new sheet.

    Example: we have a Job Sheet Template. This creates a new sheet with all the details of each Job. 10-20 jobs can be setup a day. The first row and first 10 columns of each Job Sheet are always linked to the Summary WIP sheet. If the embeded copy link was included in the Template it would save so much time and errors. As a template can copy across formats, formulas etc I was hoping this would be an easy to apply new feature! 

    It will looked at your suggested third party software and see if similar is possible.  Thank you for your feedback and assistance.

  • Shaine Greenwood


    If you have developer resources available at your organization, you might be able to use the API to build this: