Schedule Form Deactivation?

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I'm doing trivia through SmartSheet forms. Everyone who is participating has until Friday at 11am to submit their answer. I know I can physically go into the form and deactivate it. Is there a way to schedule the form to deactivate at a certain date/time?



  • Tukee
    edited 03/07/18

    Simplest way is to add a column, call it SubmissionTime. Make it an "Auto-Number/System" Column Type and Select "Created (Date)" for the System-Generated Column. 

    Now whenever some submits a form the exact date and time of the submission is recorded automatically. Anything coming in after the deadline can be ignored. Of course the form itself can state on it submissions must be finished by "Month Day @ X:XX o'clock" etc. but that's obvious so forgive me.

    Then if you want to get fancy setup a Notification based on the criteria of whether the submission came in before or after your cutoff date. In this way you can get reasonably automated or keep it simple and simply ignore items coming in too late.