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Removing Parent Rows from a report

Scott Houle
Scott Houle ✭✭✭
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Hello everyone, 


I am using Smartsheet  to manage several projects, all on individual sheets, with a high level role up for managers. We are trying to create a report that goes through all of the projects in a certain workspace and looks for tasks that are past their due date, then outputs the project name, task and who it was assigned to. 


All of this was easy to setup using the report wizard, however we are getting the parent rows and milestones in the report as well. 


Is there any way to exclude these types of rows in a report, or a better way to gather this information across multiple sheets?


  • Hi Scott,


    As Smartsheet doesn't have a specific option for hiding/excluding parent rows from a report - is there anything common to your parent rows that isn't common to the rows of sub-tasks? For example, do all of your parent rows contain the word "Summary"? Or would you be able to create a checkbox column in the sheet and check the box on each parent row? If there's anything differentiating your parent rows from the other rows in the sheet, you should be able to set up the report builder to exclude the parent rows based on that information.


    Milestones can be excluded by using the What section of the report builder - select the Duration column, is equal to 0, then check the box to exclude selected items.



  • I know that this inquiry was posted some time back, but I too am interested in a way to exclude parent tasks/rows.  I currently have to follow one of the methods mentioned above to identify and exclude parent rows, but it is laborious and prone to inaccuracy. 

    I would very much appreciate a way in the reporting criteria to indicate if parent shows should/should not be included. 

  • I too know that this inquiry was posted some time back, but I am also interested in a way to exclude parent tasks/rows.   

    I too would appreciate a way in the reporting criteria to indicate if parent shows should/should not be included.

  • You could insert a column that calculates the number of children (i.e., child rows) of each row. The formula would be =COUNT(CHILDREN()). You could then exclude any rows where the count wasn't equal to 0 from your report. You can lock the column and hide it if you don't want it visible on your report.

  • Connor Hartford
    Connor Hartford ✭✭✭✭✭

    Add a column, as a 'Checkbox' type.  Usually I put it as the first column.  Call it 'Parent' or something like that.  Put this formula inside of it:

    =IF(COUNT(CHILDREN([Task Name]1)) > 0, 1)

    This will give a check box to all parent tasks, and then you can exclude those from the report.

    I know this is an old post but hopefully someone finds it useful.



    Connor Hartford

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