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Charts & Graphs

Jay Bautista
Jay Bautista ✭✭
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Is this in your enhancement plan for Smartsheet? I don't find this feature like how I can create charts and graphs like in MS Excel. Thanks


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    You can build charts in graphs from your sheet data in Smartsheet Labs! Check it out: https://smartsheetlabs.com

  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Pains and Gains and Tips from SmartsheetLabs Charts:

    Keywords: Charts not in order


    -The charts are quite nice, and work best with simple data (I have had no luck with 3 dimensional information).

    -You cannot sort charts after they are created, so be careful the order in which you make them.

    -You can imbed the charts into other websites, to create a shared dashboard, and they still work the same as when they are in the labs page. (like when you mouse over a section of a graph, it brings up the details of that section)

    -The charts are 'mostly' sorted by the date on which you created them, but not exactly.


    WARNING: If you create multiple charts at once and then close the window when you're done, when you next load the charts screen you will likely find that the charts are NOT in the same order they were the last time you were on the screen.  There is a bug in the Charts system where it does this seemingly arbitrary sort of the charts.  It has caused me a lot of pain, so I wanted to share with you the workaround.  This workaround is most useful if you're making more than one chart at a time.


    To get charts in the order you need, follow this process.  Make sure that you use every 'Refresh' listed below:

    1. Identify the order in which you want your new charts.

    2. Open your existing charts page

    3. Create your first chart, but don't finish it with full detail.  Just put in the minimum you need to have the chart show up on the page.

    4. !!! Refresh the browser page.

    >>At this point, you may find that your chart has been put into a location on the page that is NOT at the end of the list.

    >>If it is at the end of the list, skip to step 9

    >>If it is not at the end of the list, continue at step 5

    5. Create a few copies of your chart by clicking on the "Duplicate Chart" button on your new chart.

    6. Refresh your browser again and verify that at least one of the copies is at the end of the list.

    7. Delete all of the extra copies, saving the one that is at the end of the list to use as your final chart.

    8. Refresh your browser window again, and verify that the chart stays at the end of the list.

    9. Fill in the remaining data and formatting on your chart so that it is complete.

    10. Refresh your browser window again.

    >>If you need to make more charts, start over at Step 2

    >>If you don't need more charts, then you are done and can either set up sharing on the new chart/s or just close the window.


  • Sasan
    Sasan Employee

    For folks on this discussion, please see latest updated on Charts in this discussion

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